Let's test a Genesys chatbot with AI

Let's create an automated test for our Genesys chatbot that leverages the latest in Generative AI!

December 04, 2023

Creating a realtime reporting tool for Genesys flows

Creating a real-time metric capturing tool for Architect flows that improved incident detection, insights, A/B testing, and flow development.

April 19, 2023

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Automating development of Genesys chatbots

When developing chatbots at OVO we aim to reduce the feedback loop as much as possible, as a short feedback loop means we can adapt to customer feedback more quickly. However, to ensure quality is maintained (even increased) we leverage automation as much as possible. In this article, I’ll explain the automation pipeline I’ve created that achieves this…

February 03, 2023

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Automate testing Genesys' Web Messenger

Manually testing chatbots can be a slow and error-prone process, especially when testing all potential customer journeys. The quicker and more reliable approach to testing is to rely on automated tests, which can be triggered with a click of a button, test all the functionality in a fraction of the time and even act as documentation.

March 15, 2022

Genesys: Troubleshooting Web Service Data Actions

When creating Web Service Data Actions (and their dependent flows) in Genesys I spent a lot of time debugging problems around these Data Actions - the main culprit being input values that resulted in unexpected responses from a downstream API, breaking contracts/mappings. The following is how I sped up diagnosing problems by spying on the interaction between my Web Service Data Actions and downstream APIs.

March 04, 2022

Automating how IVR call flows are tested

We are all familiar with the automated systems that answer our calls then ask a list of predefined questions to try and resolve simple queries. They’re known as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call flows and are incredibly useful at allowing call-centre staff to spend more time answering the difficult queries.

March 03, 2021